Large Format Lenticular Panels

How big can a lenticular be? Really big!

The largest lenticular panel that can be produced is 48” wide x 96” high. However, we can tile those panels together to create ever larger displays. We’ve created billboards and even 100’ long murals. What’s more, we can phase match those panels together so the animation is coordinated and the seams all but disappear.

While you may not need a display the size of a billboard, you can employ large format lenticular in a trade show booth, a point of purchase display, a bus shelter or even the face of an ATM machine like this cool piece we did for Chase Bank.

Take a look at this 16’ x 8’ 3D lenticular display we produced for Nike and the University of Oregon! We first produced this image as a tiny 2 inch piece that was applied to the players’ helmets. That was such a hit, they decided to supersize it and put it on the wall at the athletic center.

Whatever size lenticular you need, from postage stamp to giant mural, we can help you bring it to life.