Lenticular Postcards Make A Direct Impact

Prospective clients often ask us  the question, “what kind of applications can we use lenticular for?” The short answer is that, with the exception of curved surfaces, lenticular can be used for nearly any application for which traditional print is used. Lenticular is a form of printing, and printing is used on and for almost… Read More

The “Do’s and Don’ts” Of Lenticular Printing Design

Lenticular Do’s and Don’ts People often ask us what makes for a great lenticular. Is it the lens, the press, the interlacing software? All of those things are important, but nothing is more important than creating a design that works. So since you’re here reading this, you likely are considering producing a lenticular print, and… Read More

What does lenticular printing cost, and is it worth the investment?

There’s no denying that lenticular printing costs more than traditional paper printing. So why spend the additional dollars, no matter how cool the final piece may look? For most of our clients, lenticular is a business investment. They are producing an advertisement or a promotion that is intended to motivate their target audience to act…. Read More

World3D Is Now Offering Lensless Flip Signs!

World3D is happy to announce that in addition to our traditional lenticular product, we are now offering large format Lensless Flip Signs. Similar to lenticular printing, these engaging displays allow the viewer to see alternate images “flip” when viewing a single display from different angles.  The result is a captivating display that will draw viewers… Read More


Transformers Lenticular Display

Every now and then the team here at World3D Lenticular Printing gets to work on a project that we’re super excited to share with our visitors.  And this is definitely one of those times! Standing Out With Lenticular Printing We were approached by Hasbro to help them enhance a display featuring their new Transformers toy… Read More