How Exactly Does Lenticular Printing Work?

how does lenticular printing work

Lenticular printing is a special technique that can be used to create unique 3D or animated images. This technique can either employ multiple images to create the appearance of animation as the lenticular image is moved up and down or side to side or to multiple layers of a single image to create a 3D… Read More

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Medical Marketing And Lenticular Printing

In the 25 years we’ve been producing lenticular we’ve noticed some trends in the use of this medium. One of those trends is that certain industries seem to have really discovered the power of the medium more than others. The clearest example of that may be the medical marketing industry. Whether it’s medical device companies,… Read More

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How Many Frames Can We Use?

Great question! Unfortunately there is no quick answer. The trick is that there isn’t one answer that covers all projects. Sometimes the limit is two frames while with other projects, the answer may be as many as twelve frames. Here are some of the factors that go into answering this popular question. Will your image… Read More

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Large Format Lenticular Panels

How big can a lenticular be?  Really BIG!  Most lenticular projects call for prints that you can hold in your hand. Lenticular postcards are probably the most common application but covers, handouts, buttons, keychains and point of purchase displays are also super popular uses. But nothing has quite the impact of a large format lenticular… Read More

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Why Lenticular?

Okay, so I’m in the business of marketing this specialized printing. But it never fails to amaze me that lenticular printing is not in every marketer’s bag of tricks. It’s printing that animates! For decades it was exclusively used for cute tchotchke or baseball cards, maybe a political pin or winking eye. But people are just beginning to… Read More

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The New Website!

Well it’s about time!  We’ve had a web presence as long as there’s been a web to to be present for and we’ve continually updated the site. It was definitely time for a refresh, so out with the old and in with the new. It’s chock full of lenticular samples and information and even includes… Read More

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