Lenticular Printers

One of the questions we often receive is how one can buy a lenticular printing machine.
The fact is, lenticular printing is not something that is produced by an off-the-shelf single machine.

Lenticular printing is, by definition, the result of printing an image that, when married to a lens material, creates an effect. The process requires four things.

  1. An extruded lens material. This is a sheet of plastic with lines (lenses) formed on the surface that will be matched up to the image.
  2. Computer/software. This will be used to interlace the file and create the image that will be seen through the lens material.
  3. Some form of printer. This can be a litho press, a digital output device, or an inkjet printer. This will be used to output the interlaced image that will either be laminated to the lens or printed directly on to the lens itself.
  4. Lenticular know-how. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of the process. The other three elements are all crucial; lens, software, and print go hand in hand and any deficiency with any of them can sink a project. But as with great cooking, the ingredients are necessary but just a starting point. A chef will still be required to make great tasting food.

World3D is a lenticular printer with 25 years of experience in making these ingredients come together. While traditional litho printing is available in every corner of the country, lenticular printing is such a specialty that only a handful of companies produce it, and even fewer produce lenticular exclusively. If a local printer does lenticular as one of many offerings, they’re not likely to have the expertise necessary. It’s like an Italian chef who also “specializes” in BBQ and sushi. He won’t likely serve the best pasta in town.

So if you’re looking for a lenticular printer to purchase and place on your desk, you’ll find that it doesn’t exist. If you’re looking for a lenticular printer who can partner with you to make your project great, we’re the type of printer that does exist, and we’re ready to help. We’ve been a lenticular printer and nothing else for decades, and we can help you make your project great.

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