Duck Skull - Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is capable of many effects but there are really two overall tricks it can perform.  Most of the effects are a subset of the animation effect.  But the other cool thing it can do is show depth or what is called a 3D lenticular image.  But what kind of art makes for great 3D depth?  If you want to create incredible 3D lenticular, the key is what’s called “depth information”. What that means is stuff that you can point to and say “this goes in front of that and that goes in front of the other thing”.  The more elements you can compare in space, the more depth your image will covey.

If you have a picture of a girl with a solid white background and nothing else in the image, it’s going to look flat and uninteresting. Now imagine the background is a mountain range with clouds behind it.  Right behind the girl is a tree branch and right in front of her is some text and in front of that are some leaves on the ground.   Now you’ve got an image that is ready to jump!

Check out these images:

Notice how you can point to not only a background and a foreground but many elements in between that can be ordered front to back?  That is the key to great 3D lenticular source art!

Finally, make sure to avoid solid blank spaces and add color whenever possible (different colors on different layers helps). With that, you will get jaw-dropping great 3D depth.