Lenticular Ghosting: What It Is And How You Can Design For It

While Urban Dictionary might define ghosting as the act of ceasing all communication with someone you’ve been dating, in the context of lenticular design it has a very different meaning! Lenticular ghosting refers to the burn-in that shows from one frame to the next as your angle of view changes. So instead of seeing one… Read More

How Many Frames Can We Use?

Hand Signals

Great question! Unfortunately, there isn’t one quick answer that applies to all projects.  In some cases the limit is two frames while with other projects, the answer may be as many as ten frames. So let’s dive a little deeper.  Here are some of the factors that go into answering this popular question. Will your… Read More


Duck Skull - Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is capable of many effects but there are really two overall tricks it can perform.  Most of the effects are a subset of the animation effect.  But the other cool thing it can do is show depth or what is called a 3D lenticular image.  But what kind of art makes for great… Read More